One Platform - Multiple Solutions

The pace of digital transformation has increased as businesses look to equip themselves with the right digital solutions to become more resilient and navigate future challenges better. Built on the cloud, RekoChain can adapt and transform to the unique needs of any organization.

A Smart Collaboration portal, aided by Blockchain technology and Artificial Intelligence, RekoChain brings Buyers, Suppliers, 3PL and Financial Institutions on a unified platform for business. A fully automated solution, it allows businesses to manage critical processes in the supply chain from sourcing to financing, bringing control, compliance and agility to the value chain by empowering businesses with instant communication and collaboration, anytime-anywhere.

RekoChain also supports supplier financing through its Invoice, Trade and Commodity Financing modules. Designed and developed by Intelizest, RekoChain is a one-of-a-kind solution in our product suite to digitize supply chain management.


Smart Collaboration

Designed as a permission-based Consensus model enabling real time seamless collaboration, RekoChain has features to support Buyers, Suppliers, 3PL and Financial Institutions, in the entire supply chain network

Next Gen Technology

Built on Micro Services and Kubernetes on Microsoft Platform, RekoChain combines the power of Hyperledger Blockchain platform and AI to create a Smart, agile and secure network

Contract Management

Smart Contracts embedded within the Blockchain help monitor, manage and automate contractual agreements and ensure contractual compliance within the network, reducing the need for intermediaries

Increased Traceability

Blockchain enabled, RekoChain brings enhanced visibility and transparency into the system by allowing all the stakeholders to track and monitor financial and non – financial movements in the supply chain

Procurement Analytics

Access actionable reports like Spend Analysis, Savings Analysis and Spend Forecasting anytime anywhere, to manage finances while also identifying new opportunities to increase savings with better data driven decision-making capabilities


RekoChain comes with ready built templates, suitable for all industry verticals with a deployment model requiring minimum to zero customization, making it a quick implementation into your business.

Supplier Financing Simplified

Trade Finance

Blockchain technology ushers in a new era of capabilities with enhanced collaboration to allow businesses and Financial Institutions to collaborate, administer and digitize financial transactions. To help maintain a healthy supply chain for simpler cross-border trade and seamless connectivity, RekoChain has Financial Institutions and Banks On-board. Build on a permission-based model, RekoChain provides users a secure and organized platform for global trading.

Invoice Financing

Invoice financing is an innovative approach to assist with business funding for SMEs looking to bridge the cash flow gap by getting temporary funding for their unpaid invoices. On RekoChain, SMEs can find Financial Institutions that will help them with enhancing their cash flow to finance overhead expenses and increase working capital. Being an innovative and collaborative platform aided by Blockchain technology, RekoChain aims to provide better and sound financial assistance to SMEs all over the world.

Commodity Finance

RekoChain is a blockchain-enabled collaboration portal to digitally connect businesses in the supply chain. Integrated with iBWMS, our IoT-based WMS, they form a modern enterprise solution for Commodity Collateral Management.

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RekoChain was implemented to cover the entire tendering process from tender creation to tender award, for our client in the Construction industry.



RekoChain was implemented to create an e-bidding system for Farmers, operable via the mobile app, and for other procurement related tasks in the Agriculture industry.

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