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RekoChain Data Policy and Privacy Statement

RekoChain, takes protection of data very seriously. Our products and services are offered to businesses to help make business-to-business commerce more effective and efficient. RekoChain offers clear information to our customer about how we process and manage the information they entrust to us. Below are links to the RekoChain’s Data Policy and Privacy Statement, which sets forth RekoChain’s policies regarding handling of customer transaction and personal information in connection with the RekoChain Solutions listed in the policy.



(Referred to as the “RekoChain Data Policy”)


RekoChain, an Innovative IT Solution Provider, is a global provider of services facilitating commerce between buyers, sellers, banks and logistics. This document describes RekoChain’s policy for handling, processing, storing, and otherwise treating transactional and other data of RekoChain Customers (which may be referred to as “you” or “Buyer” or “Supplier” or “Seller” or “Bank” or “Logistics”), and data associated with individual users and employees of the Buyer, Seller, Bank and Logistics organizations, when sent to RekoChain as part of your use of the Solution. “RekoChain” means RekoChain Inc., its parent companies and affiliates. Bank and Logistics organizations have the facitlity to access information through RekoChain or through the Blockchain network of RekoChain based on the permission levels0



  1. Definitions
  2. Overview
  3. Transaction Data Handling
    • Business Contact Information
    • Data Use by RekoChain
    • Promoting Your Organization
    • Transaction Data and Third Parties
    • Data Analytics and Benchmarking
    • RekoChain’s Commitment to Data Security
  4. Personal Information Handling and Privacy
  5. Miscellaneous


  1. Definitions

“Solution” means the following services to which you have subscribed (provided under terms of an agreement between RekoChain Customer and RekoChain):

“Trading Partner” means an entity with which you or your company transacts using a Solution.


  1. Overview

RekoChain collects information that you, or a Trading Partner, or other data sources send to the Solution (such as internet-protocol addresses, transaction-related data, and user account information). This data is addressed below in two categories, “Transaction Data” (as defined below) and “Company Information” (data that can identify a company or that is associated with the identity of a company).


  1. Transaction Data Handling

RekoChain understands the sensitive nature of the transaction data you or your organization may provide while using the Solution.


Transaction Data may include information you provide to RekoChain or your Trading Partners during the registration, cataloguing, sourcing/negotiating, or ordering processes, or through any e-mail or other communication sent by you to the Solution as well as other information that you store within the Solution. It may also include data of transactions sent by your Trading Partners to you via the Solution or by you to your Trading Partners via the Solution. Transaction data may include Personal Information addressed more specifically below. You agree that your Transaction Data will not include Sensitive Personal Information as defined in the RekoChain Privacy Statement.


If you are a Seller who objects to submitting transaction data to your Trading Partner via the Solution, please contact the Trading Partner directly to investigate options (e.g. submitting certain proprietary information outside of the RekoChain Solution, using anonymous contact information, etc.).


  • Business Contact Information

When a representative of a Buyer or a Seller creates a business account on the Solution, RekoChain asks for the name and contact information for an account administrator. The account administrator’s information will be used by RekoChain to contact the company with notices, service offerings and Solution administration purposes. The account administrator for your company is given primary control regarding the establishment and maintenance of user accounts and contacts within a Solution. If you so choose, your organization may provide additional contacts. Depending on the Solution and the visibility choices selected by you or your company, your user names, phone numbers, and email addresses and other profile information may be visible to other Buyers and/or Sellers using the Solution. Please review the documentation for the Solution for visibility options, notification options and role-based options that affect how a specific user or company contact’s business contact information may be used or visible within the RekoChain Solutions.


You should submit only publicly available business contact information. Individual contact information submitted to the Solution should not include private home contact information. You agree not to enter sensitive government identification numbers associated with individual persons into the Solution or to send documents over the Solution containing such identifiers. Individual names and personal information associated with an individual is addressed below as “Personal Information”.


  • Data Use by RekoChain

RekoChain will treat your Transaction Data as confidential information and will use it only to: facilitate operation of RekoChain solution and related services; enhance your use of the Solution and its related web pages pertaining to RekoChain; perform internal tracking and Solution improvement; analyse the extent to which you use the Solution (e.g., the volume and history); enable us to contact you; and process your transactions through the Solution. RekoChain uses the business contact information you provide for the same purposes, as more fully described in the RekoChain Privacy Statement.


RekoChain Sourcing Services. Note that RekoChain is not actively entering into new agreements for RekoChain Sourcing Services that are subject to this paragraph. This paragraph is included for historical purposes. RekoChain may use the bidding information submitted by Suppliers in the course of RekoChain Sourcing Services projects to determine general price trends in various supply industries, to create predictive analyses useful for estimating likely market prices, and to evaluate suppliers appropriate for inclusion in future spend management projects in similar markets. RekoChain may also use such bidding information in the publication of “high level” sourcing project results, provided that such publication (i) does not directly or indirectly identify Supplier or Buyer by name or provide a third party with sufficient information to allow a third party to identify Supplier or Buyer, (ii) is aggregated with data from at least four (4) comparable suppliers from a single project, (iii) does not specifically identify Supplier’s products or services, or the prices of those products or services, and (iv) does not identify Supplier as a participant of any specific project.


RekoChain Sourcing SolutionIn order to increase a Buyer’s visibility to potential suppliers, RekoChain may systematically analyse certain sourcing activity of the Buyer in the RekoChain Sourcing solutions and anonymously seek to match the Buyer with potential new suppliers or highlight suppliers that may be of interest to the Buyer. It is up to the Buyer to decide whether or not it wants to have contact with, or identify itself to, any potential new supplier. No personal information and only anonymous and high level information about an opportunity will be exposed using these features.


  • Promoting Your Organization

You may be given the opportunity to promote your organization to other organizations. In addition, other users of the Solution may conduct a search on the Solution by using various criteria (e.g., information in your company profile to find your organization). In the interest of promoting suppliers to buyers, RekoChain may supplement RekoChain Cloud Profiles with statistical data from RekoChain systems (such as the number of transacting relationships you have, events the Seller has participated in, etc.) or by allowing others to provide feedback on your organization. If you so choose, you will be able to opt out of disclosing certain types of this company-level information. RekoChain may also utilize certain fields of information in your RekoChain profile to promote your company’s capabilities (e.g. seller industry, geographic location) as, for example, in the “Suppliers You May Like” feature visible to buyers.


  • Transaction Data and Third Parties

In using the Solution, you understand that RekoChain will send your Transaction Data to your Trading Partners (or others that you or your Trading Partners authorize) in order to facilitate your transactions and the services associated with the Solution. Your Trading Partner may access statistical reports on your trading history with that Trading Partner, and determine whether you are enabled with other trading organizations. The data shared will be in the agreed format and will be stored in the Blockchain.


  • Data Analytics and Benchmarking

RekoChain may create high level statistical reports relating to the Solution utilizing Transaction Data, so long as such reports contain only anonymous, aggregated data that does not identify your company or any specific Transaction Data, and such reports may be reported publicly. RekoChain offers benchmarking programs to facilitate deeper analysis into spend management practices for companies wishing to participate. RekoChain operates the RekoChain data analytics and RekoChain benchmarking programs according to standards that protect the confidentiality of each customer’s information. These programs do enable RekoChain to offer valuable reviews with customers demonstrating how that customer uses the RekoChain Solutions as compared to typical usage of other customers by industry, company size, region or other factors.


  • RekoChain’s Commitment to Data Security

The RekoChain Solution is hosted as a platform as a service on Microsoft Azure and the Security services will depend on the services provided by Microsoft Azure. The details of Microsoft Data Security Policy can be viewed at:


RekoChain takes steps to appropriately safeguard credit card and remittance information using recommended industry encryption methods. RekoChain services are designed so that these categories of information can only be viewed from within the Solution. You can further limit access to only those users who have a need to see such information.


  • Personal Information Handling and Privacy (the “RekoChain Privacy Statement”)

The current RekoChain Privacy Statement is incorporated into this document and includes important terms regarding RekoChain’s handling of Personal Information in the Solutions and your obligations related to such processing by RekoChain.


  • Miscellaneous

The English version of this Data Policy shall govern in the event of any conflict or substantive translation changes into a non-English language.



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