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Although it was originally created to support Bitcoins, Blockchain technology has found its way into business processes across industries. What makes this so appealing is that it is a shared ledger and database where all transactions are automatically reconciled.

Here are the reasons we chose to integrate Blockchain technology into our solution:
  • Making this technology a part of RekoChain makes the solution a secure portal for all the parties on the network.
  • The entire process as well as various financial transactions more transparent to all parties thereby increasing trust among those involved.
  • Lack of third-party involvement and faster processes reduces risks for all business types.
  • Processes are streamlined and automatic, hence saves a lot of time and money.

Smart Contracts

Ever wondered how much time you would save if your contractual agreements would self-verify and execute the terms? Well, that’s exactly what Smart Contracts do.

These are business terms agreed upon by both parties that are embedded and coded in the Blockchain. There are programmed to self-verify the terms and execute the same as and when required.

Not just that, it also releases payments and takes other contractual actions, saving you not just time but also the risks in involving a third-party.

This key feature within blockchain is proving to be a game changer especially with its ‘Back-up’ feature in place, making record-keeping stress-free!


AI and Machine Learning

Viewed as two of the most disruptive technologies that exist, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are all set to change the way procurement works.

Well, we all know how the two function but imagine the difference it would make to your business if you included the two. That’s what we’ve done with RekoChain, we’ve integrated both AI and Machine Learning to make our solution one that makes your work effective and efficient. Together, they take contracting to whole new level.

AI and Machine Learning have proven to add more value to businesses by influencing decision-making process. Now, you wouldn’t have to worry about product sourcing, compliance, reconciliation or even contractual agreements.


Introducing SaaS has played a key role in influencing the manner in which organizations choose and deploy their technology. This has made business functions in organizations faster and seamless.

RekoChain as a SaaS is a user-based solution. The absence of any external installations makes this model cost-friendly, another influencing factor when purchasing procurement solutions.

If you’ve got questions about scalability and new updates of the solution, fret not! RekoChain updates are fast and deployed immediately to the clients. Regarding scalability, it’s not a worry either as the solution functions on a user-based license model.

We also have readily available vertical based templates that are built to fit businesses across various industries.


Microsoft Azure

The infrastructure provided to us in the form of Microsoft Azure has helped us develop RekoChain as a product that will improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your business. As partners with Microsoft, our solution is also available for users on the Microsoft App Source.

Being hosted on a platform like Azure, RekoChain can be easily deployed onto any system, and has also eliminated any concerns over cost, updates and scalability.


RekoChain has a provision of readily available and accessible API’s to cater to any and all backend support, making your work flow more efficient and effective.

The API’s will help you track, trace and stock up on your requirements before you even know it!

Sharing data, designs and processes are going to be easier than before. We bridge the gap between you and the existing designs, bringing them closer to you for you to innovate and develop on. And, if you still need our support, we’re always around!


User-friendly Interface

Other than Blockchain and AI, another striking feature of our solution is the user-friendly interface which will make your experience working on it simple and effective.

We’ve used Angular 5 for our user interface, making it not just user friendly but also mobile friendly. It also brings with it the provision of:

  • Push Notification
  • Voice Recognition
  • Facial Recognition

Our aim is to provide our users with ‘e-commerce’ like experience in B2B business.

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