A Blockchain enabled E-Procurement solution with the best technology
and intelligence for simple and smart buying.


A Blockchain enabled E-Procurement solution with the best technology and intelligence for simple and smart buying.

Smart Collaboration Portal

RekoChain is a user friendly, ‘Smart’ Blockchain enabled e-procurement platform that boosts control, compliance and efficiency to the procurement process. The combination of Blockchain technology, Smart Contracts, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning makes procurement streamlined and agile.

The solution simplifies your business by performing tasks such as invoice matching, reconciliation, converting your purchase requisition to purchase orders and much more, thereby leaving no scope for any errors and reduces any unnecessary costs.

This Smart E-Procurement portal not only brings you and your suppliers on a common platform to collaborate but also helps you make well- informed buying decisions. Being Blockchain enabled is an added boost to the platform giving you more control over spend, greater visibility, find new growth avenues and increase efficiency.

For smart buying, choose RekoChain!

Technical Advantages

The user-centric design and easy to use interface helps you be more effective and gain additional value. Here’s what goes into making buying a more satisfying experience for you:

  • The UI has been developed using Angular 5 making the platform mobile friendly and usable anytime, anywhere. It also comes with added features such as voice recognition, face recognition and push notification.
  • The SpringBoot with Java application layer ensure quick set up and makes the solution interface with existing systems with minimal change management. It does away with the need for code generation and XML configuration, reducing costs and time involved in setting it up. Lastly, being embedded in blockchain technology makes this portal completely secure.
  • It uses the MYSQL, a database management system that is fast, powerful, easily scalable and inexpensive.

Our solution provides your business with the right technology to take on the most complex challenges in procurement, manage supplies and adapt to the changing landscape of your industry.

Process Flow

RekoChain has been developed to ease the procurement process and make it more agile and adaptable to the changing environment. The solution and the technologies integrated handles all the stages of the process, right from sourcing to finance.


The e-procurement platform is a SaaS solution that aims to unlock the hidden potentials of your business by providing you a well-informed decision-making experience to give you the required ROI and additional savings.

RekoChain is an end to end procurement solution that can be deployed to any industry with the help of our readily available templates. The industries we serve include:

  • Electronics
  • Energy and Natural Resources
  • Finance
  • Food and Beverage
  • Healthcare
  • Construction
  • Manufacturing
  • Retail
  • Transportation

To give you a better understanding of how the procurement process would change, with RekoChain, we have chosen to outline the process in two different verticals.

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